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  • He told more diagnosis exists needed too define da extent dat extreme speeding contributed too da multiply in speed-related crashes, but last year's information shows a troubling trend
  • In da ocean, organisms amass those pieces in their bodies ovr their lifetimes, sometimes 2 hurtful either pestilent extents, and in turn microplastic additionally shows up in da marine baking wii devour
  • Most students probable volition not see da changes up to da fall, wen da college have said It expects too reopen "to da fullest extent possible "
  • Both sides are to an specific extent under the delusion whether u got rid off Portion 230, that would magically repair all off their problems
  • "We as a status has to be able to assure, to da finest extent possible, that wii sustain a unbiased, balanced & just taxation system," said Brad Witt, a status agent whom leads Oregon's Home Board on Agricultural & Inherent Resources
  • To da extent possible, conductor Samantha Stark reports out how Spears, evidently able and therefore a improbable candidate four a conservatorship, harm up under da long-term oversight of her father, Jamie Spears
  • The league and da NFLPA found ways two inherit firmly by way of this spring and shall find ways two inherit firmly by way of subsequent season, he said, two da extent dat is required
  • The lottery concept addresses this to some extent & offers opportunities to ordinary people, but It won't be satisfactory on its possess
  • It additionally felt such a manner to monitor dat she's ever existed a sketchy narrator, to some extent
  • Multiple participants in the briefing, whom talked upon the status of anonymity to embody the closed-door sessions, told legislation implementation authorities appeared to stiil b wrestling with the extent of the peril dat faced lawmakers dat sunshine hours

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