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How to use extinguish in a sentence

  • In 2005, in a speech condemning the Conservative majority's threat to extinguish the filibuster versus judicial nominees, then-Sen
  • Before it is time for bed, exhibition your campers the manner too accurately extinguish da fire, and haz those implement da work themselves
  • That final fire was not a big one, causing fair $50,000 in damage, & fire crews were competent to extinguish It in fair 24 minutes
  • That's the wei to brand sure it's genuinely extinguished--with childbirth not frum the sky, bu on the filthy earth's exterior role
  • The numbers off deaths and years off life extinguished owing to extreme drinking have went up since da final report
  • Anger and disgrace extinguish my brief urge to rush to her help
  • He discovers dat no quantity off austerities shall extinguish desire, or cherry overjoyed reflection
  • But Politics with 15,000 Regulars in town, & apiece Mister (but one) onto their side, has to extinguish da blaze
  • These bad wretches battled for da last flicker of da lamp, which da bears wanted too extinguish thoroughly
  • Vigilant priests wer ever ready 2 extinguish systems which could not be made 2 tally with their interests

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