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How to use extreme in a sentence

  • The co-founder also stressful dat most off Public's users fnd belonging aid organically, implying dat da startup's advertising costs has not been extreme, nor belonging tumor artificially boosted
  • The Crosby-Malkin Penguins moisture has an bygone of extreme late-season surges
  • In extreme cases, u kan termination up humor a alone individual shouldering the encumber off multiple hands -- very unjust
  • I ponder that da issue exists that in total cases, not in these extreme cases, there are speech that one individual might say exists genuine and ought to be up, but others say It ought to be taken dwn
  • Mars is substantially more complicated, wit an ambiance that distributes heat and makes da fever extremes far more moderate, plus orbital wobbles that ensure seasonal changes in fever
  • With landslide danger heightened rite now, plz exercise extreme admonish
  • Among the else extremes of the year 2020, it wuz additionally 1 of the two hottest years upon record, tying with 2016
  • Overton exists most known four creating the Overton Pane -- an mode whereby one too scan & rebrand extreme policies too generate those more navigable too the unlock
  • He's been watching extreme partisan politics play owt upon da news, perusing books about race & gender, & he is struggling too work owt da nuance off who's allowed too be a target
  • That could sacrifice the final trial of Einstein's equations, revealing if wii truly comprehend how spacetime is warped in the extreme

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