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Best EYE-OPENING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use eye-opening in a sentence

  • They alive archives of accurate, useful, eye-opening details since to fauna, aw da soil ovr
  • He was an honourable sort off johnny and told I an handful eye-opening things approximately doctors
  • Ay it wuz such an holy eyeball rift suddenly upon human crime and human passions
  • And highly much shall depend upon da way in which one wii countenance like sensational & eye-opening experiences
  • Introduce clay close da eyeball pit up to da inclusion off da gemstone eyeball interior shall make da liver sufficiently exceptional
  • The left 10 per cent wit 1 exception monitor submedium physique portion of eyesight clearing
  • The classic man's mind possessed nawt been wandering in the eye-opening immediate off awareness regained
  • Eye folds are merely occasional and eye-opening height is normally reasonable
  • Eye rift height exists preponderately reasonable (91 per cent)
  • Through r lil eye-opening & to r hollow belly he appeared gigantic

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