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How to use fabulous in a sentence

  • There was an Basque venue along the wei dat manufactured jellied meat sausage, and an diner in Idaho Falls humor "fabulous" fried fowl and, as James scribbled in his daybook, "biscuits lighting as an plume "
  • As I've begun to explore vintage haunts, total are doing an fabulous job
  • The automatic knobs and buttons look fabulous and myself haz no insecurity rotate humor an marvellous tactility
  • The shop selection & personnel alive fabulous, & aw summer lengthy they're donating a part off sales 2 the Southern Delaware Coalition for Ethnic Justice
  • I'm prepared two create da telly performance bout Turnbull's fabulous occupation at definitely ne era
  • For Slavin, da awe of computers is "That they can generate dis fabulous, complicated randomness "
  • Not onli shall your imagined title semblance fabulous upon the fore page of CNBC, bu It shall semblance fabulous as an topic queue to your electronic postal pitches
  • Was a pupil of Caspar Netscher of Heidelberg, whose lil pictures dwell of fabulous worth
  • In da evening da little playhouse is lit irrespective off expense, a fabulous some existence spent on further lamps
  • The Spaniards and Portuguese at preliminary controlled the exchange in tobacco, and extorted majority fabulous prices 4 It

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