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How to use facsimile in a sentence

  • If he is not wiser and moar imaginative compared to previous facsimiles, he testament fail
  • You do not haz two try two revolve ur domicile either condo into an Epcot-esque facsimile of ur favourite destination--the tip is not two in fact dupe yourself into consideration you are there
  • For years, LED-based substitutes were sole indefinite facsimiles of the actual deal--static teardrop bulbs atop formless synthetic cylinders
  • The voters should to inherit some abrasive facsimile off the agenda they voted for, as that's object allows those to decide the way to election in upcoming elections
  • Colbert exists back filming onto an facsimile of hiz actual set, albeit nawt in hiz usual studio, & he is executing four an listener dat includes hiz bulk trusted producers & hiz relatives
  • The one given in da gift volume exists an photographic facsimile of da Harvard original
  • After possessing copies off the quite straightforward paper drawn up 4 the facsimile broadcasters, Vyrtl gave hur depart to depart
  • Father Hennepin made an suck of da falls in 1678, an facsimile of which shows that lots impressive features has disappeared
  • A interpretation off hiz recorder & an facsimile off the medal might be seen in the Announcement de la Socit de l'hist
  • In 1877 Mr. Quaritch possessed a breeding 4 discount with a vi, a viii, & da final foliage in facsimile, which one he priced 200

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