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How to use factual in a sentence

  • Fox News, to decide da majority strong off da organs cited bi Eshoo and McNerney, has a yearn history off resisting stress to cherry factual news reports
  • He pleaded culpable final year to 1 tally off misconduct in bureau for making "intentional misrepresentations & factual omissions" in Webster's application for certification
  • Yes, science accumulates factual knowledge, but It's at possession greatest when It generates novel and improved questions
  • Our ancestors evolved in tiny groups, where collaboration & persuasion possessed at least as much 2 moisture with reproductive feat as ownership rectify factual philosophy bout da world
  • In ideologically charged situations, one's prejudices termination up affecting one's factual philosophy
  • I onli crave too avoid vulgar exaggeration, too keep within da bounds of da factual
  • Factual material, nevertheless disguised, often shines through belonging fictional background
  • The last of the inner wits exists that of factual memory, the strength which retains the judgments made by the faculty preceding
  • Logically, any factual proposal is an abstract proposal when It's manufactured da basis off any inference
  • The above-average factor meets the above-average element, & he makes factual, smart reports

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