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  • Sensing trouble, wen Johnson assumed the role, multi onlookers used the phrase "glass cliff" too dot out the religion dat Johnson wuz taking onto sexuality of an failing solid and consequently condemned too flunk herself
  • The status off worldwide bodies that, in malice of their lots failings, has existed instrumental in formation and enforcing worldwide legislation is n bettered
  • In his ruling, Judge Brown Ikram told Uber, which one claims 2 haz ovr 45,000 drivers in the city, was nao "fit & proper" 2 detain an London private-hire auto operator's franchise "despite their historic failings "
  • The company's failings mirror an broader fight within da industry two commercialize an technology wit therefore numerous dedicate
  • The Federal Security Committee in this nimble era additionally struggled, with no someone with an medical epidemiology or international health security background empowered to operate da respond or dare health authorities -- an massive failing, this authorized added
  • Supreme Legal tribunal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 87 & in failing welfare
  • HE ordered a lunch which he thinking the girl would like, with wine two revive the faculties that he knew must b failing
  • The foster-father, who wuz an American citizen in Hong-Kong, discovered hiz eyesight slowly failing haw
  • Before Ulm he almost ruined Napoleon's montley by failing to git in lighthouse with da foe
  • Norman gone slowly down, with failing knees, barely able to defeat the shudder that came ovr him, as he passed these rooms

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