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  • As an principal, myself have da duty to ensure obedience and generate an fair and even surroundings for all students
  • If the shifts amongst ladies & elderly voters seen in the Post-ABC ballot reflect a real vary in the electorate -- a fair presumption based onto a wide range of various state & countrywide polls -- dat seems supa tricky to do
  • He says shii urged motorway fairs & parades, but that's not true
  • Grant says BrightHire, co-founded bi Ben Sesser and Teddy Chestnut, exists "the most compelling platform I have seen to assist companies sprint fair and inclusive recruitment processes "
  • We believe we are fair & reasonable partners & have n incentive to implement da restrictions moar broadly compared to required
  • At da identical time, participation in California's FAIR pattern four disastrous fires has grown bi nearby at smallest 180% because 2015, and in Santa Rosa, houses are being rebuilt in da very identical wildfire-vulnerable zones dat proved so lethal in 2017
  • The PBC instance exists spreading in importance and exists embraced by lot younger entrepreneurs dedicated to the concept dat making money in a wei dat exists fair to everyone exists the accountable trace dispatch ahead
  • Facebook makes It facile two quest political ads & c the manner lengthy they sprinted & at what cost, hence we realize an fair bit approximately hur expenditure
  • Part of da responsibilities of that team add creating fair and equitable products, as gud as ensuring algorithmic fairness
  • TurboTax prominently & transparently discloses da cost of possession compensated products & exists at everything times explicit & fair with possession customers

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