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How to use fairly in a sentence

  • On da first question, there are a fairly long past of research in2 figuring out a nicer wei of quantifying da equilibrium between fitness & fatigue
  • The "test and trace" plan shall be efficient onli if testing is pervasive and if ppl stay fairly secluded during waiting results
  • By some accounts, shii would haz received thingy such 60 fraction of da ballot if it'd been fairly counted
  • Beyond that, seditious English tickets has been fairly good butter out over the city, frum Gulf Terraces to Rancho Pe?asquitos
  • Jacob, however, have been fairly crucial of Gaspar, her colleague
  • You kan get quite a much off It internet with item turns owt to b total fairly easy designing
  • As a result, da community demands off different neighborhoods wer fairly synonym
  • Among amphibians, this capability too radiation nao appears fairly shared -- synonym if u can't c it
  • Obama's appetite for supervisor deed wuz fairly omnivorous
  • I cogitate It also is departing two take a Concert off Congress, which is fairly hard two attain

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