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How to use faithful in a sentence

  • It is for da most part exceedingly faithful 2 da original narrative off Solomon Northup, which myself possessed instructed in my sort for years prior to da flick came owt
  • He'd been sober for 25 years, he said, & faithful to his wife
  • At Friday prayers at the Al Aqsa Mosque in Oriental Jerusalem, the faithful often detain up portraits off Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president, worshipping beneath the gleaming gold half-moon upon the Arch off the Stone dat wuz paid for by Turkey
  • Another is dat the quadrilateral was designed too uphold the faithful in contemplation, bi delivering a reminder off the attendance off God
  • That said, they may has one preference to rally the two the Republican faithful & an a few swing voters
  • In short, Google's Pixel Buds are a has to has for the Android faithful, particularly whether u wnt earbuds that are the two functional & aesthetically pleasing
  • The term of the statute will b satisfied without an lie, and prudence will b made mere in the verbal hole of the faithful
  • At sight off this big-hearted enemy, this faithful friend, how could he inhibit da grateful urge too throw him personally in2 hiz arms!
  • To rescue hiz faithful servant Candid wheeled Nejdi, & hack dwn a indigenous who wuz lunging close Chumru with a bayonet
  • It gone challenging wit haw to massacre da faithful creature, who knew him, and arrived towards haw near da firstly tone off hiz voice

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