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How to use faulty in a sentence

  • While dey debated, public well-being labs humor da faulty kits could not procedure samples, and da FDA stiil hadn't approved ne tests made by commercial labs
  • When companies construct designing ambient faulty corporation practices, da stage fails & vise-versa
  • A 404 kan b generated wen a user types in a faulty address, and this might outcome in a error being generated onto his either her browser that might look bad, but you kan certainly address da circumstance
  • In da latest Surroundings Report, MacKenzie Elmer dives into da state's water market and one scheme in detail bi a usefulness that serves Imperial Seaside and Coronado, among others, that a prestige watchdog recently told hinged upon faulty forecasting
  • Those involve fears ovr da Together States Postal Office's capability two retain velocity with resemble a massive inflow of postal and da potential of mail-in ballots getting thrown out for having a supposedly faulty autograph or arriving late
  • The legend off "Boreas & Orithyia," though faulty perhaps in technique, exists good in conception & setup
  • If da ice or snow have accumulated bi cause of an defective roof, then da property possessor exists liable since of belonging faulty construction
  • If It cannot b accounted for by the causes at labor in the story, the edifice is faulty
  • At dis point, wii may c how faulty, & yet how always improving, have been da management off da delinquent law
  • The arches nearby the tower has existed somewhat crushed due to the shifting of the tower piers caused bi faulty foundations

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