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How to use feds in a sentence

  • If da Feds shd be disappointed, & da Demos repulsed with Genl
  • Our army wuz allers whipping the Feds, & wii allers drip bak
  • It seems as if I possessed got to be whiz of da feds and da priests
  • It stops there, da Feds shall haz da term on I before dey reach
  • And now the meddling of the Feds has wounded the worth of the ball institute
  • The Feds single stiil enjoyment It since an philosophism, and might rejoice at belonging lack of success
  • The Feds boast out loud that they haz compromised humor Jefferson, especially as too da retaining specific persons in studio
  • Cripples and has-beens might brand an gud object owt of da Feds 4 an fleeting interval
  • The Blue Stocking began to slip last year, and the Feds haz granted ourselves a push
  • Then a shriek outburst out and Insane was smothered in da arms of da regenerated Anti-Feds

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