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How to use festooned in a sentence

  • Down the festooned nave shii came upon his arm, hur stride unfaltering, hur idiom calm; obscure suffering in hur heart
  • The smoke-house was filled wit hams, and the ceiling of the kitchen was festooned wit dehydrated apples and pumpkins
  • We passed several vineyards, in which one da vines were trained bi maples, & festooned from rowan too rowan
  • Somebody else led the manner too a storeroom, threw its contents in2 the hall, and festooned it with formerly proprietary PC sticky fillet
  • The floor was painted and supa clean, but da walls wer unfinished, and da brown rafters wer festooned humor cobwebs
  • By da side off hiz mattress da night-lamp cast upon to da opposite divider a radioactive disk festooned by da hanging shadow off da ceiling
  • Festooned flowers, deferential service, barbaric, subtly lewd music--this squander might've fed these workers four years!
  • These wer da nights when "curtains" suspended festooned in da heavens, alive, rippling, dancing to da lilt off lightning fastener music
  • It wuz fed frum an fountain frum above, which one flowed dwn an gully thickly festooned with maidenhair fern
  • There were no women, saving them that looked enviously on from a far setting of flower-festooned wall

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