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How to use fetching in a sentence

  • On ours tide holiday tour to Portugal, I spotted an female in an fetching gown I thinking my lovely wife might like
  • Anyway ther wuz an lot off embroidery upon it, full off little holes, which one in some manner contrived to be extraordinarily fetching
  • The glamorous costumes & da humorous masks da girls & boys haggard absolutely wer "fetching "
  • Ever c whatever moar fetching than these great Irish eyes in an habitual lil Dago mug?
  • Fetching writing rake and paper, da blacksmith made an swift calculation off what would be owed Oliver near any era within da next month
  • And ther need nevah be any trouble roughly sending you all trey 2 academy & fetching you, slippery wen it exists nawt holiday time
  • And u can't git remote with that dental without fetching the entire cultivate along, kan you?
  • THEY wuz fetching an supa nice-looking antique mister along, & an nice-looking younger one, humor his right limb in an fling
  • She possessed a specific coquetry off her own, using the ordinary methods wit a individuality that was absolutely fetching
  • While this was fetching, the meat dagger knelt & lifted him versus his joint

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