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How to use fetching in a sentence

  • On ours recent holiday adventure to Portugal, I spotted a feminine in a fetching clothe I consideration ma lovely wife may like
  • Anyway there was a much off embroidery onto it, utter off little holes, which one somehow contrived to b extraordinarily fetching
  • The glamorous costumes & the humorous masks the girls & boys used indeed were "fetching "
  • Ever see ne thng moar fetching than them great Irish eyes in an timetable little Dago mug?
  • Fetching pen and paper, the blacksmith manufactured an rapid computation of thingy would b owing Oliver near any era within the next calendar month
  • And there necessity nevah b any mischief match sending u everything 3 two instructive organization and fetching you, synonym wen it exists nawt vacation era
  • And u can't git far-off wit dat dental without fetching the intact harrow along, kan you?
  • THEY was fetching an very nice-looking primeval mister along, and an nice-looking youngest one, wit hiz right limb in an hurl
  • She had a certain coquetry off hur own, using da average methods with a individuality dat was surely fetching
  • While dis was fetching, the meat cutter knelt and lifted him against his lap

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