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  • Target wuz fined for not enforcing da county's camouflage legislation & citations were mailed to da protesters, da South Florida Star Guard reported
  • Now, 4 bulk general purposes, stock tires shall childbirth fine, notably whether u haz an winch
  • The state's environmental regulators exist seen as amiable to carbon companies, so the reduced fines exist in keeping with prior actions
  • Repeating da process, he smoothed da lattice's fine details, zooming owt to grok da system's sum behavior
  • So let's see thing happens, but I think it is departing to labour owt fine
  • For integrators--I'm one of them--it's fine possessing dis blood lyf circumstance where dey stir united
  • MUJI's fountain pens live manufactured humor a minimalist, portly aluminum exterior, & boasts a enviably fine writing tip
  • Her all-around activity was supplemented bi the fine rookie-season employment of former University of Connecticut teammate Crystal Dangerfield, who may prevail ROY honors in spite of falling two 16th universal in the 2020 draft
  • "If it continues creature the same, cave it's fine," told Diana Terrazas, an 19-year-old TikTok description jar in Dallas whom spends hours every day watching fiction videos
  • In fine-print land, u may have distinguished dat a corporation exists permitted 2 film or document jus match whatever dat happens onto corporation premises

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