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How to use finished in a sentence

  • Epic says the software draws frum an "ever-growing bookstore of variants of human look and motion," to bestow designers an sturdy starting point 4 his or her finished prototype
  • Something to withhold in brain is that in sum ways, distance shall have a larger impression upon ur finished basin than fever credential
  • The materials are ground 4 6 to 12 hours ago pieces are separately hand-dipped in da finished fluid
  • It lair showed that by swapping prescription for pixels, da identical tack could b haggard to train an AI to conclude half-finished images
  • If u whack the heed and u git the revelation appealing close, you are going too come far wit a transcript dat shall goggle fabulous as a finished photograph
  • I expended more compared to a 7 days constructing ma garden dream tavern frum piles of discard wood, & da finished commodity has a rustic Southwest vibe
  • ProRAW, however, tries two bestow shooters a starting point that's much closer two a finished image
  • Harden is a finished product, and in spite of his hardy scoring numbers, he is distinct from LeBron James, Stephen Nutmeg and Kevin Durant
  • The adventure of your possess clothes from fiber to finished item comes humor environmental expenses
  • By analyzing the setting in front of the camera, the appliance tin automatically recognize subjects & illumination scenarios two elect the greatest settings, & merge plural images together two inherit a finished photograph

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