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How to use first in a sentence

  • This exists the first & principal tip at which one wii kan stanch the wastage of teaching vitality that now goes upon
  • He wuz converted & baptized, & wuz the first Jewish guide at Harvard university
  • And I haz nawt possessed the first morsel of culinary ready from dis oats offered I because I reached the shores of Europe
  • Now first we shall want our student to understand, speak, peruse & inscribe the mother language healthy
  • In treble, secondary & fourth, da first shift is an evade behind; & da secondary time da treble leads, there's an double Bob
  • First an shower off shells dropping aw abreast da reduce ridges and out ovr da surface off da Inlet
  • Elyon exists da dub off an prehistoric Phoenician god, slain by hiz youngster El, n insecurity da "first-born off death" in Chore xviii
  • First, the manner bout da expansibility needed to deliver satisfactory funds four crop-moving?
  • For dis apply off the vocalization in the extraordinary service off will-power, or propelling force, It's needful first 2 analysis belonging liberty
  • The scene is da covenant made in the mid of da two first persons of da triad on Climb Moriah

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