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  • If the skeptics at Nissenbaum's conversation wer right, wii reasoned, AdSense ought odor thingy fishy with AdNauseam clicks & hurl those back over the side
  • On da a m. after Poll Day, Greg & Jenny Brethen, loyal viewers of Fox Info whom watched da transmit religiously four almost twenty years, turned onto his or her go-to a m. show, "Fox & Friends," & thought dey saw something fishy
  • Just cuz something is not discovered to b unlawful doesn't intend it's nawt fishy
  • Mussels are briny still sweet & mild, humor n "fishy" notes
  • Protests dat traverse the experiment live promoted through the group's societal media network, whilst events dat appear fishy shall b reposted with "do nawt attend" stamped upstairs the flier
  • The east pier, since far since it was dry, was shielded bi the vogue & beauty--as healthy since bi the fishy & tarry--of the town
  • I don't such da gaze of dis Krell, and his story roughly everything da officers brute executed in da slam sounds fishy 2 I
  • There's object fishy bout dis object somehow, object fishy that includes Maria Fulton & Morley
  • The redness off his idiom gave signs that he wuz not far frum choking, & owt off his fishy eyes there rolled authentic crying
  • It is not an village; it is not more fishy compared to else towns abreast the shore; and myself has never pitied myself four belonging too it

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