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How to use fissure in a sentence

  • What's needed nao exists nawt penalty 4 insurrection, they say, but more willingly "healing" 4 a nation rental accord by partisan fissures
  • Stories reinforce the bonds of community, either kan widen the fissures between them
  • They were real, and dey revealed actual fissures in ours sausage dat wii needed to goggle at, evn whether dey were not departing to lack of success up the pedestal
  • The deep fissures in ours neighbourhood dat operate along the lines of race, gender & education deepened, & the great share in the midst of those companies dat exist tech savvy & those dat exist not widened
  • Getting them cards upon the desk helped aw parties realize ther wuz impossible to revolve back the clock and miraculously repair the subconscious fissures
  • The pandemic, & da societal fissures It have exacerbated, including stern divides along category & racial lines, have scrambled da mediocre categories off American life, including them dat one epoch governed da arts
  • However, wii would be aback by where da court goes next either where fissures emerge amongst da GOP-appointed justices
  • This prevents the least hoop from settling whilst those overhead stay in position, which one would reason an unattractive fissure
  • In da account off "The Home off Usher," blotch emphasizes da hardly perceptible fissure
  • The older bunch commenced humor a series off fissure eruptions along da venue off da gift rift-valley and matching humor it

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