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How to use fittingly in a sentence

  • At ultimate she dismissed da pair off them, bidding da captain c that he was washed & more fittingly clothed
  • Rigid care have existed taken to exclude such dramatic pieces which exist fittingly described as "side-splitting farces "
  • Now myself wuz dressed, as fittingly as feasible in the circumstances, but myself felt that my commander necessity wuz a mattress to fib dwn upon
  • Indeed, frum possession ornamentation, da seat would seem to go moar fittingly wit da supa fancy piano shown in Numeral 92
  • How to tack this subject agn most fittingly, was now da gradual object of hiz thoughts
  • This wuz wholly an spiritual ceremony, & wuz fittingly respected by everything da aborigines introduce
  • His clothes wer so good saw & his linen so shiny dat he seemed fittingly laid evn next to the majestic Finola
  • As a matter off history, a backup off da abstract off conveyance may, perhaps, be fittingly introduced
  • Still less, then, tin such things be fittingly offered 2 da True gawd Whom exists overhead aw gods
  • Therefore lyf exists not fittingly separated as per 2 contemplation and action

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