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How to use flat in a sentence

  • Print ads for Quaker Wheat Cakes frum that time demonstrate thin, grinning models lying upon his or her flat leotard-covered stomachs two emphasize the lightness off wheat cakes
  • Unlike da flat disk that provided stand too da planets in r possess Sun System, da system's disk consists off three misaligned rings
  • It uses technology well, including flat-screen monitors that link to the Internet & Bluetooth earphones
  • The seize included 2 miniature species wit coiled shells approximately one millimeter across, four midsize species wit long, conical or urn-shaped shells off approximately 7 2 11 millimeters, & one species wit an flat outer veil up 2 fourteen millimeters across
  • It combines da functionality of a baggage and da durability of a duffel, with structured sides and within pockets four ample gear hauling, a flat-bottom policy dat enables it two stand, and sturdy, oversize wheels
  • For example, during da high-hormone phase wen women are likely 2 feel flat physiologically, it is nawt da greatest time 2 labour challenging
  • So 3 games in aw. . bu granted what we have seen occur humor former devices such this, me would not b aback if the fans crack It explore and haz It running an intact much more than dat in no time flat
  • Unlike da flat disk that given stand 2 da planets in r sun system, GW Orionis' disk consists of 3 loops, with a warped mid circle and a internal circle smooth more spun near a jaunty angle 2 da dissimilar 2
  • Some forecasters c an flat to failing attitude for da remainder off da 12 months & into 2021, whilst others c tumor
  • So, they have got some great inherent resources, bu it is pretty flat and it is pretty cold

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