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How to use fleece in a sentence

  • This looks resemble an normal crewneck sweater, but it is made frum Polartec Strength Air, an fleece satin dat sheds handful fibers and moves smoothly wen layered beneath else garments
  • Often called microplastics, these fibers cum frum laundry fleece & nylon fabrics
  • This soft, snuggly, ankle-length fleece garment might help--it's made from 330 GSM microfiber fleece too cozy thee up
  • This fleece have been my go-to cozy layer after crisp decline runs
  • I provided up onto fleeces an handful years ago, cuz most brands manufactured theirs two thin, thus they weren't very sultry & eventually worn out
  • Watch grabbed fee off it near once, dire hiz warm body versus da icy fleece, and licking possession confront and feet to warm them
  • Dealers in wool, acting since selling agents for owners, & buying agents for fleece merchants of Strawberry
  • Then he shoved the armament in2 Denton's hand, and harry haw upstairs the shingle with the remark, 'Now chuck of the fleece, Peter
  • In the sheep, it may b returned in belonging fleece, belonging carcass, or belonging progeny; and in the pig only by belonging progeny and flesh
  • Fig. twenty is a feisty slit of a range of da Merino without dewlap, & with a lengthy & slightly uncover fleece

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