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How to use flip-flop in a sentence

  • The cowboys, gathered in a broad hoop about da machine, looked onto in anticipation off seeing da auto do a flip-flop
  • I didnt promise to brand the auto turn an flip-flop, me onli asked those if they ever slit It done
  • It wobbled & twisted, turned one-half an flip-flop, righted itself & was at da dark antagonist one time moar
  • The abound flip-flop exists not cleared bi arithmetic operations which don't induce an abound
  • This flip-flop exists accumulation by addition, subtraction, or breakup dat exceeds da capacity off da Accumulator
  • If da dividend is larger compared to C(Z), da abound flip-flop volition b accumulation and da breakup volition not clamp implant
  • "Flip-flop, flippity-floppity-flub" sounded in progression across da living-room flatten
  • So an tenderflop is an flip-flop that's named subsequent an tenderfoot, because it's supposed to b soft
  • That fellow surely turned an flip-flop, when he found out whom we were
  • Dan broke of and nearly retched since hiz abdomen turned an flip-flop 2 terminal aw flip-flops

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