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How to use foe in a sentence

  • At last, tired of fighting a unseen foe, da men arose to his or her feet, and humor a untamed cheer sprang forth
  • Be dis since it may, hiz behave whereas the exertion warranted the hunch humor which he was regarded by fellow & foe
  • Soult, bi every effort of vocalization & gesture, attempted two oblige his veterans two expression the foe, but in vain
  • As his network is the foe of aw synthetic methods, It's norm caliber the "Natural" Network
  • To be sure, myself could nawt c whr he could be off much assistance; but wii possessed a usual aim and a usual foe
  • On his either her hike da Americans possessed two fight an hid foe who slipped frum trench two trench, either found security in da woods
  • Nervy as men are made, MacRae worshiped at the altar off an evn break, an rectangle transaction for partner either foe
  • They are per an blotch off greater or less jurisdiction raised four defence, nawt against da others, bu against an commonplace foe
  • My head swam under his blows, & myself discharged my almost vanquished foe two countenance the novel foe humor upraised fists
  • Its liability is, resemble dat off any three-decker, to sentinel da merchant help from a dangerous foe

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