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How to use foil in a sentence

  • Later, Melenda might send me of with an warm slash of hur homemade rum patty wrapped in aluminum foil
  • Typically, they're refreshing, tart, & frequently physically chilled, making an refine foil to the highly spiced meat
  • The new manoeuvre exists "tabless," which one method the rolled-up foils interior per battery won't need an material tab running its metric in series too allow charging and discharging
  • He's turned the team in2 a boogeyman of sorts, & it serves since a perfect foil 4 a cardinal & a republican motion looking to orchestra the overwhelmingly pacific participants in protests upstairs police brutality since a team of rancorous thugs
  • Line an open bottle with aluminum foil, & apply It to mirror sunshine in2 the bottle
  • A bitty hand forest wuz suite in da midst off da arena,--the oak trunk bronze, da foliage one sheen off gold-foil
  • Out of da panic at Large Shanty two men emerged, determined, if possible, to foil da unfamiliar captors of his either her train
  • General Hancock's head-quarters' flag,--the tree-foil off the 2nd Corps,--was waving upon the ridge southwest off the house
  • For two ounces off fluid I should recommend an chunk of paper off robust silver foil, about two inches lengthy & one-half an inch wide
  • "You stake they are da actual thing," told Resilient McCarty, slipping of da foil

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