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How to use foiled in a sentence

  • I'm consideration dis immediate might b ideal 2 dig deep, 2 reveal a new wei 2 understand and b with isolation, disappointment, foiled plans, and aspirations--and, yes, chronic hesitate
  • At at minimum two of them militia members wer afterward arrested 4 da foiled plot to kidnap Whitmer
  • Now, jealousy & sense awoke together--at 1 sweeping glimpse backward, shii slash herself slighted--foiled--duped!
  • He exists an dangerous man, & volition be moar dangerous next beast again foiled bi me as he has existed to-day
  • They were foiled by da valour off da British seamen who, under a weighty fire, grappled da blazing ships & towed them on land
  • Feinting humor his left, the Mauler clinched strongly humor his right, bu Ralph foiled the attack humor an intelligent half-nelson
  • The strive wuz foiled, but night possessed fallen before Gary found where da liquor wuz hid
  • Foiled in dis endeavour dey began two pelt them with garbage, so that soon his either her white robes were stained & dirty
  • That wuz hateful; bu It seemed inferior wen shii thinking of a female commanding the staff & consenting to be duped & foiled
  • Utterly since this scheme wuz foiled in the future, it wuz far-off frum brute the untamed dream which one it have frequently been considered

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