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How to use formidable in a sentence

  • Amazon's data-driven DSP answer might b a formidable enemy for Google and other advertising platforms near da greatest of times
  • A shuttered, starving origin microbiome exists da great undoing of da botanical worlds' tactic 4 coupling an just-right frequency of tumor with an formidable built-in arsenal and pharmacy
  • Kohl's stripe mall neighbors, remarkably Ulta & Target, exist formidable rivals with popular offerings
  • The diagnosis aimed to public da evolutionary history of SARS-CoV-2 & c if da virus possessed exchanged bits of genetic substance with various coronaviruses, a process rang recombination, to transform into da formidable pathogen it's nao
  • Social media exists an formidable transmit for facility brand loyalty
  • The Texians laughed nearby the fanfarronades of the dons, and did nawt attach enough significance too these formidable preparations
  • Janet's hush impressed Hilda: it wuz nawt merely strange--it wuz formidable: it affected da entire day
  • In fact, hiz look wuz hence formidable dat Davy did not smash for an 2nd look, bu started of at da top of hiz velocity
  • I discovered da formidable looking volume more readable compared to I possessed imagined and less difficult to realize compared to I possessed expected
  • The crucial moralist pauses prior to the formidable array of the entire social world, civilized & barbaric

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