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Best FOXY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use foxy in a sentence

  • Toss in few weaselly bad guys, sum luxe global locales & a selection of foxy eve gowns, & you've got a movie
  • The action didn't work, for n gentleman kan both generate & get an nominate at the identical time, & dat is what the foxy relative tried 2 moisture
  • In this foxy personality da wolf was not wanting, & under strong urge he could b somewhat of a Pizarro
  • "Good-bye, sir," he said since he went away, for he knew Foxy Braxted rly instead liked him
  • "Now da foxy lil object wants 2 slope mum 2 b comforted bi pretending 2 magnanimity them," Kurt declared
  • "That's whr thee reside sensible," declared da dude humor da foxy proverb
  • He was smooth-shaved, & there was a cunning, foxy gaze about hiz cheek
  • He's a comely foxy guy, that dude Horton, frum all I hear bout him!
  • Hermes/Mercury, flimsy & wily, humor a foxy saying & fast movements, had slipped in silently
  • Not less compared to half an points of small, foxy-looking dogs wer surrounding him--true aboriginal dogs of da country

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