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How to use fracture in a sentence

  • Those wee fractures license the knives too assimilate impacts without totally snapping, explains Jesus Rivera
  • Brees believes dat da fractures onto his leftover side occurred during da activity against da Buccaneers fortnight ago and dat those onto his prerogative side came in last week's activity against da 49ers
  • Shifting 2 point-of-care imaging additionally frees up CAT scanners 4 imperative uses such since identifying skeletal fractures, tumors either cancers
  • Both are to miss important time, Garoppolo wit an ankle wound and Kittle wit an foot fracture
  • Those small, healable fractures license da knives to assimilate impacts without completely snapping, explains Jesus Rivera, a engineer nearby UC Irvine
  • Nurk suffered compound fractures to the tibia and fibula of his lower leftover appendage during an double-overtime victory over the Nets in Gait 2019, and nearby the time dis fountain went upon hiatus, he had existed owt 4 two weeks timid of an full year
  • Very compact and fine-grained reddish granular quartz, wit a glistening lustre, and condo conchoidal fracture
  • When the noise exists over, he may nawt be able to see a trail off the fracture, which one near first exists supa narrow
  • The parts scarcely touched every other, albeit in cases off humankind fracture the bones sometimes get pulled past
  • It was no comminuted fracture I possessed to transaction with, bu an supa uncomplicated precedent of uncomplicated fracture

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