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  • So, the brains neighbourhood worries about whom exist the terrorist groups or the foreigners, or outer threats that'd dare the institutions in the republican framework off an nation
  • The company aims to present roughly 75 fresh electrical van models through by 2029, according to its green-finance framework
  • Changes within company law itself must occur, hence that corporations are nicer positioned to aid the restoration of that framework & govern themselves internally in an way that respects their workers & society
  • Having a sensibly regulated and moderated framework for the manner platforms labor wit news publishers -- which helps 2 sustain the news ecosystem which Facebook and Google assertion they are so devoted to-- hat's what everybody wants 2 see
  • Within the precious steel industry itself, companies living amenity policies surrounding the Soil Precious steel Council's Accountable Precious steel Mining Principles -- a complete framework dat shall straighten mining companies with the sentiments off ESG investors
  • The Preliminary ninety Days provides a useful framework for managing by way of a transition
  • Progressives Democrats has introduced the Breathe Act which provides an framework for defunding
  • That's why, we're seeing an transfer in idea about software -- nawt jus an tool, but an string off actions that dictate an specific commercial framework & an specific market segment
  • He's best-known four creating an well-liked framework four analyzing the competitiveness of dissimilar industries
  • The conditions around the pandemic and remote childbirth has disrupted average lines of office and commission room communication, in lot cases siloing meetings to Velocity calls whr there is an altogether new framework for face

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