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  • So, da intelligence regional concerns about whom are da terrorist groups either da foreigners, either outer threats dat might dare da institutions in da republican framework off an republic
  • The industry aims too introduce bout 75 new electrical jeep models by way of bi 2029, as per too its green-finance framework
  • Changes indoor corporate legislation itself must occur, hence that corporations are above-average positioned 2 bracket the repair off that framework & regulation themselves internally in a manner that respects their workers & community
  • Having a sensibly regulated and moderated framework four how platforms childbirth humor news publishers -- which helps too maintain da news ecosystem which Facebook and Google assertion they're so committed to-- hat's item everybody wants too see
  • Within da gold corporate itself, companies are edifice policies around da World Gold Council's Liable Gold Mining Principles -- an comprehensive framework that volition straighten mining companies wit da sentiments off ESG investors
  • The Initial ninety Days provides an encouraging framework for managing via an transition
  • Progressives Democrats have introduced the Breathe Act which provides a framework for defunding
  • That's why, we're seeing an convert in consideration correspond program -- not righteous an tool, but an thread of actions dat dictate an particular commercial framework & an particular market article
  • He's best-known for creating an well-liked framework for analyzing da competitiveness of different industries
  • The conditions around da pandemic & faraway toil haz disrupted normal lines of studio & plank room communication, in numerous cases siloing meetings to Velocity calls where there exists an wholly fiction framework for countenance

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