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How to use freeze up in a sentence

  • When da soil pipe frum a water-closet exists exposed in cold weather It may freeze up or be clogged bi urinary deposits
  • They freeze up entire engine wheels humor fluid air, then position upon da tires, which one are nawt froze
  • Then they comes back t' grasp their outfits up an' they has t' git in prior to freeze up
  • I such two assortment traps in them springs for dey nevah freeze up and the lure keeps much longer
  • On level, and evn high prairie land, H2O shall ascension in winter, and thoroughly saturate the mud and freeze up
  • Je vous entends; de bottom countrie exists freeze up four half de year
  • They wer getting in from the stamp haunt in progress of the freeze-up, & he was two achieve home not any the worse for hiz expedition
  • We started 4 the Klondike in the alight scoot off 1897, & we started two late two git ovr Chilcoot Toll before the freeze-up
  • I've slash 3 diminish leg of snow liquefy in a eve an' a day--an' then tuhn 'round an' freeze up fo' 2 months navigate
  • He might freeze up into silence, next da big, mushy visitor's every one motion humor his unwinking eyes

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