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How to use frequent in a sentence

  • Due to weather change, da wetland shall experience moar frequent periods of extended drought in da future, as per to a 2020 research published in PLOS 1
  • The most frequent application off this strategy, though, has to do with unrest at racial-justice protests
  • The ENV135B frum Nespresso is an ideal alternate for coffee drinkers and hard workers whom throw back multi cups an sunshine hours and do not want too negotiate with frequent tank refilling
  • After finding dat by way of a chap either family member wuz da most frequent response, Lalo wanted too incentivize customers too donate recommendations moar frequently
  • In aw cases, maintaining an edge's sharpness humor frequent touch-ups shall be easier than trying to renew an tedious margin
  • Under mediocre conditions, hospice workers invent frequent face-to-face visits, remarkably in an patient's last days
  • Those figures exist anticipated too rise as weather shift makes flooding, indebted too more sturdy rainstorms & glacial melting, more frequent & harsh
  • Some field offices grasped drive-through ceremonies, whereas others grasped more frequent, bu smaller, interior either open-air ceremonies
  • These changes are numerous and frequent bu generally microscopic - fewer compared to 1 hundredth off the breadth off a human hair
  • Diacetic sour occurs in the same terms since acetone, bu is less frequent & has more solemn significance

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