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How to use friction in a sentence

  • The benefits 4 advertisers who decrease friction in da eater adventure are numerous, & dey add da following outcomes
  • Governments inhabit also reducing the frictions, fees, & charges that swamp dwn the grid
  • There exists onli propulsion and friction upon da outer role of da wing--also upon da remainder of da aircraft, bu for da purposes of thinking bout gliding, it's enough too contemplate onli da wing
  • Using an PC model, da bunch cave calculated da friction every one pattern would cabbage upon ice, vinyl or hardwood floors
  • That reduces friction and lets the molecules lapse history every dissimilar more effortlessly
  • As the waves adventure toward land, friction with the sea horizontal slows those down
  • While in motion, friction wit da air slows da ball's speed
  • They've measured friction in a knuckleball's evidently knucklehead course
  • This river probably heats atmospheric particles up through friction
  • So ther would b a painful changeover cost, but ther wouldn't b dis supa large friction dat prevented those frum always re-entering either supersede those forever

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