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How to use friend in a sentence

  • Those who live of grounds and don't design on arriving bak too fell by grounds to, say, dangle owt wit their friends don't haz too inherit tested
  • Paul brushed haw of cuz various friends had formerly started da process to c if dey could b his donor, but every backed owt
  • Trina advised them watching too check in with their friends who arise too be okay
  • Among else things, McCarthy told investigators learned that Ziona & LeBlond possessed been friends because da two wer in centre academic establishment & that dey remained friends after Ziona transitioned since a madam
  • A couple years before my friends were comparing step counts wen dey asked approximately mine
  • Launched in 2013, Money App began life as a Venmo-like app to immigrate money amid friends
  • Veteran tech presidential Frank Slootman was former & racing sailboats ultimate year when a ancient friend reached out
  • The 6 Minis currently exist involve an version of the Headspace yoga app, Atom's flick tickets Mini, an flashcards app called Tembo that lets users study together and an Turbovote app that allows users two record two ballot wit their friends
  • Some wer stupendous colleagues & friends but did satisfactory work quite than stupendous work
  • Keith and Vince might take his or her RV and roof off onto vacations, and to drop by friends

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