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How to use fringed in a sentence

  • It's stirring forward wit an set off legislation that would rationalize an person's capacity 2 toil frum abode wen possible, turning what was once an fringe advantage into an subjective ceremony
  • Facebook announced upon Tuesday It might ban aw accounts, pages and groups representing da fringe plot hypothesis QAnon frum its platforms
  • If it's placed someplace else, an fringe website either an publication, lair It tin exist
  • Nearly 2 blocks later, onto the border off the clinic campus, Ramos chopped police lights in her rearview mirror and pulled over
  • Social-networking platforms should also alteration his or her metrics & pattern his or her algorithms 2 stop rewarding the diffuse off border fulfilled & 2 banner thingy exists clearly untrue
  • Ibrahim wuz standing there, peeping out whimsically from hiz fringed & tasselled wrappings, & tobacco apply an fume
  • The banks off da river are flat, & fringed with underwood & boyish trees; da setting exists formed bi ranges off hills
  • The seaside is fringed humor a uninterrupted row of breakers
  • According to Peron, the animals off dis reef are equipped humor green-fringed tentacula
  • He wuz then dressed picturesquely in an fringed deerskin jacket dressed by total of da Blackfeet over da Rockies

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