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How to use frivolous in a sentence

  • Yet space, two many, feels more frivolous, & thus gets rhythm harder by critics
  • The lawyers 4 the Sandy Fastener family has asked the judge in the case to govern that the proposed testimony of Clinton might b "unnecessary and frivolous "
  • These days, AC is starting too noise such a less frivolous choice
  • At belonging core, Cusack's disagreement exists dat prosecutor-less prosecutions erode one off da major safeguards dat protects people -- often but nawt exclusively unhoused people -- opposed to frivolous gangster cases
  • During these interviews, the two brothers flitted in the intermediate of frivolous kin gabble and tomb interview of coronavirus plan
  • Asked approximately hiz assistance for da bill, a spokeswoman for Simpson referred to hiz comments at a March input convention when he described da placard as one dat protects farmers frum "frivolous lawsuits "
  • If u want an moar frivolous game to hasten by way of & nawt read paragraphs of real prescription to proceed, drama further game, cuz this game shall actually stop u aside from if u moisture so
  • No substance how risky & frivolous it'd be too brand a "January exception" for impeachable conduct, & in malice of overwhelming da attestation that he stoked da MAGA mob, they shall lat haw stroll
  • It's that we mistrust Hawley knows 1 of them arguments is lawfully feeble and that the else is frivolous
  • Under Cardinal judge Bill de Blasio, the city has moved to limit payouts upon what the cardinal judge described early in his politics as "frivolous lawsuits" against the NYPD

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