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How to use frivolous in a sentence

  • Yet space, to many, feels more frivolous, & thus gets struck harder bi critics
  • The lawyers 4 the Sandy Zip family have asked the magistrate in the case 2 rule that the proposed deposition of Clinton would b "unnecessary and frivolous "
  • These days, AC exists starting too ping such an fewer frivolous option
  • At its core, Cusack's controversy is that prosecutor-less prosecutions erode 1 off da major safeguards that protects folk -- regularly but not exclusively homeless folk -- versus frivolous crook cases
  • During these interviews, da two brothers flitted between frivolous family chatter & mausoleum interview of coronavirus policy
  • Asked about his bracket four da bill, an spokeswoman four Simpson referred to his comments at an Mar information conference when he described da invoice since 1 that protects farmers from "frivolous lawsuits "
  • If u want an more frivolous game two scoot through and nawt read paragraphs of real prescription two proceed, take segment additional game, cuz this game volition literally halt u except whether u moisture so
  • No matter how dangerous and frivolous it'd be to generate an "January exception" for impeachable conduct, and in spite of overwhelming da testimony dat he stoked da MAGA mob, they testament lat verge walk
  • It's that wii suspect Hawley knows one of them arguments is lawfully fragile and that the various is frivolous
  • Under Cardinal judge Beak de Blasio, the town have moved two confine payouts upon object the cardinal judge described reminder in his polity as "frivolous lawsuits" opposed to the NYPD

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