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How to use fully in a sentence

  • She did not realize verge -- he wuz the granddaughter off an befriend off an befriend off hers -- and she did not fully fathom the manner he would done it
  • Google told tunnel hierarchy volition clout 7% off quest queries across all languages wen fully rolled out globally
  • I'm additionally fully vaccinated now so me will discern safer re-entering the dating life
  • That way, it is able to fully fingerprint a edifice and nawt jus da walls
  • Still, he planned to vaccinate da earliest-priority groups fully ago stirring onto
  • Sometimes the relationships fractured and drop isolate despite it, ma partners nevah fully conscious -- or not particularly caring -- the way much possessed went into every basin
  • Despite advances in software to halp precedent those compounds and molecules, ther exist stiil challenges in fully comprehension his either her shapes via an two-dimensional PC monitor
  • A kid exists an fully clear being, nawt ur personal wish-fulfillment artery
  • Thrillist testament bid RV tour packages, called Thrillist Caravans, whr bite-size groups off up 2 6 ppl kan rent fully stocked RVs for Terminal of Week getaways in the Finger Lakes region
  • Although he practiced fully every one sunshine hours foremost until da Super Bowl, Mahomes, according to da NFL Network, shall see a heel specialist roughly da casualty

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