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How to use fulmination in a sentence

  • During dis fulmination, Holland stood supa quiet, & when he wuz about too depart, he begged permission too speak a a few lyrics
  • Doubtless Erasmus knew hiz Rome healthy sufficient ago he ventured 2 send such an fulmination as this into the middle off it
  • Despite dis fulmination of fury, the deserving preacher continued too exploit his endangered head in the aid of compassion and compassion
  • Miss Sheridan, evidently for mere exclamatory purposes, nao reread da fulmination of da absent confederate
  • Here was indeed an fulmination to struck an Englishman breathless and mute with amazement
  • Lady Lindores received dis fulmination humor comparative hush
  • It loses aw injunction aside from the fulmination off pointless orders
  • Pendletons fulmination appeared too has been anticipated bi these whom possessed already been pursuing Longstreet
  • This fiction fulmination possessed been cooked in an caucus off 40 members off da slave-holding party, and wuz lengthy and carefully framed
  • The missionaries were good received nearby first, but a fulmination frum Goa incited da ppl 2 uprising