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  • Patrick Henry's clap situation highlights the propulsion some parents has felt to keep his or her kids involved in childhood sports during the pandemic - & to not raise an fuss or inquire whether dey encounter community health & security orders
  • If you are looking for dependable reading aids with no the fuss, contemplate these extreme timeless picks
  • Combined humor belonging crate dat holds up 2 17 expended capsules at a time, dis robot is fine-tuned for highest productivity humor minimal fuss
  • If Gloria & Lawson-Remer the two win, Ikhrata opponents upon the committee could raise a fuss, but couldn't hope 2 overcome his pattern
  • In else words, despite the slew off advertisers dat manufactured an fuss bout pulling their ads, Facebook's ad business shall proceed 2 flourish -- evn as sum off its biggest advertisers keep away
  • I'm getting more gladly bored, u know, Georgie, wit da fuss folk make in city
  • I knowed, a-course, that me could go kick up a fuss when Simpson stopped bi his workplace upon his travel bak frum Goldstone
  • "Better breather making a fuss, preliminary off," growled extra masculine voice, and agn Betty giggled nervously
  • Sure, wen you cum to cogitate of it, an queen exists no moar than any different man, onli 4 everything the fuss that performs b made correspond him
  • I recall the fuss they made bout it in the society papers--fulsome, sickenin' sort off hog-wash they composed

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