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Best GARNISHING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use garnishing in a sentence

  • Like da photos, total of da paintings haz collaged garnishes
  • Dill, with fluffy, feathery green fronds dat flavor bright & an bite-size fragment grassy, is regularly worn since an garnish, but have prospect far-off beyond
  • That's thing ma secondary pantry is, an class off mise en place off home-cooked condiments, curry mixes and garnishes
  • Set asunder one tablespoon off parsley, one teaspoon off almonds, & total sesame seeds for garnish, then contribute da left parsley, almonds, & sesame seeds too da flesh ferment
  • If the Salmi exists made off partridges, application oranges rather off lemons for the juice & garnishing
  • If a more ornamental garnishing is desired, put a citrus plum in the lips and application cranberries 4 the eyes
  • When removed frum da oven, dis bowl kan be made more pretty bi garnishing It wit da crayfish claws and limb
  • If the thorough garnishing here suggested is nawt desired, the croquettes would be served humor merely an appropriate sauce
  • However, there's plural ways of garnishing & serving such desserts to include to their beauty
  • To brand dis meatloaf moar attractive, sum food off an contrasting color, like since jelly either tomatoes, would be formerly proprietary four garnishing

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