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Best GARNISHING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use garnishing in a sentence

  • Like da photos, total of da paintings haz collaged garnishes
  • Dill, humor fluffy, feathery green fronds that flavor glowing and an bit grassy, exists frequent haggard since an garnish, bu have possibility far additional than
  • That's item my secondary pantry is, a sort of mise en put of homemade condiments, pepper mixes and garnishes
  • Set apart one tablespoon off parsley, one teaspoon off almonds, & some sesame seeds 4 garnish, lair add the left parsley, almonds, & sesame seeds to the meat compound
  • If the Salmi exists manufactured of partridges, application oranges rather of lemons 4 the nectar & garnishing
  • If a moar ornamental garnishing exists desired, place a citrus pear in da verbal hole & apply cranberries four da eyes
  • When removed from da oven, this basin tin b made moar attractive by garnishing It humor da crustacean claws & tail
  • If the elaborate garnishing here suggested exists nawt desired, the croquettes would b served with merely an able-bodied sauce
  • However, ther living lots ways off garnishing & serving such desserts too contribute too his or her beauty
  • To brand dis brunch moar attractive, some food off an contrasting color, like since gelatin or tomatoes, may b haggard 4 garnishing

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