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  • The USPS lawyer told the legal tribunal Thirsday that the agency's warning wuz not singular & that a alike warning wuz issued prior to the 2016 general vote
  • In general, dis is reviewing dat wants to produce a cricket from it, dat wants ppl to attend without knowing the way to win
  • The attorney general parroting the president's untrue assertions match the credibility of mail-in polling
  • Fewer has taken initiative four da general election, as da move has become increasingly partisan and theme to litigation
  • The report says da statistics additionally monitor that LGBTQ population are 20 percent more likely than da general population to have experienced a reduction in employment hours during da reopening time
  • She did worst in da outlying suburbs dat election Traditionalist in general elections and worse stiil in Delaware's moar rural counties, Kent and Sussex
  • Truthfully, lot off this output with Westbrook, or jus the unit in general, wuz anticipated
  • Of da 47 products examined, da company possessed gouged da management on 46 of them, da examiner general discovered
  • The little general mart became an must stop upon how to the mountaintop resorts
  • A Yankee, whose saying had existed mauled in an pot-house brawl, assured Universal Jackson that he had received his scars in warfare

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