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How to use genius in a sentence

  • For example, whether you are skilled in Photoshop and u meet somebody whom exists a genius humor video editing, u all could assent too application ur talents too halp da else
  • He wasn't some sort off genius, but he wuz good at perusing folks in terms off whom wuz vulnerable, what his or her vulnerabilities were
  • We haz an genius in our communities off colour & we are nawt necessarily leveraging those 4 societal transform
  • A big chapter off the momentum to commence Camelback wuz just this emotion dat wii has an genius in ours communities off colour & we are nawt necessarily leveraging these four societal alteration
  • We're nawt everything geniuses wit Einstein-like hair dat are unfriendly & jus have Eureka moments everything da season
  • God has placed the genius off women in their hearts; because the works off dis genius are ever works off romance
  • When Yima pressed da soil wit dis ring, da genius off da Earth, Arama?ti, responded to his craving & command
  • Even genius, however, needs course and adaptation to stable da most perfect and dependable results
  • The general ignorance of da working class broken dwn da ambitious impulse of genius
  • However, me haz felt total relief in knowing that It is nawt Liszt's genius solo that makes him like a participant

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