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How to use glamorous in a sentence

  • The worst-performing sectors off da S&P 500 haz existed energy, financial, & industrial, but glamorous companies can also be mighty candidates 4 con if managers terror following quarter's fiscal results will not bracket da high-flying inventory
  • You could, whether u felt such making a glamorous dessert, exploit It in dis Caramelized Liquid Orange Tipsy Bite-size dose
  • It's glamorous, prestigious and packed shoulder-to-shoulder
  • While we cannot collect in person this year, I wish u all an rly fantastic Halloween & an glamorous sleep off the year
  • Young, glamorous candidates have typically fared bettered in universal elections, but the votes do not ever smash down as per too epoch
  • Serology - the research of antibody prevalence - have lengthy been the Cinderella of virology compared wit the more glamorous globe of genome sequencing, bu belonging significance and the consequences of belonging neglect are now becoming explicit
  • Like the remainder of the Blazers, Nurk is getting absolutely flamb?ed upon the fewer glamorous termination of the legal tribunal
  • A nasty snip of an individual had moved in the intermediate of haw & them resentful bu glamorous memories of Maria Algarez
  • To Tiflin, as too the others, slippery resemble places wer glamorous
  • It wuz role of the reeling, glamorous intoxication into which one shii cast him, too hear himself going onto such an stump-speaker

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