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How to use go ahead in a sentence

  • Either: wii cannot bestow you item you ask, so topple bak on the defensive; or, go ahead, wii volition bestow you the method
  • It is an generally accepted axiom dat an public dude cannot afford 2 b modest in them go-ahead days off "boom "
  • Darrell pressed his arm, and answered, humor an smile, "I will not feud humor thee about the War; thee go ahead and inscribe your book!"
  • There--I feel better--cant toil dis morning--not in da mood--you go ahead--Im through!
  • When he said his tactic he was laughed intimate by total who thought It supa foolish, but Porter said rim to go ahead
  • "Well, you go ahead & leave us to launch the work," told Joe Hinman, speaking for himself & the crew
  • The time seemed mature now, however, for the authorship of "Crossed Wires," & he had encouraged hur too go ahead
  • Curious troubles dew come into style in da awesome cities of dis go-ahead age; maybe that 1 possessed
  • "Well, my brothers, I c dat ther exists n one to tlk versus this thing--we volition go ahead with it," Ivory Aquatic animal told them
  • His feelings wer enlisted, & it is gud known that, wen he possessed a thingy in view, hiz personality wuz to go ahead

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