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How to use go by in a sentence

  • Now this was the preliminary season that I had so-called lifeless deer come too lyf and give I the go-by, albeit It was nawt the last season
  • "He's one off your primeval fellers since you have give the go-by to, I category off suspicion, Sis," replied the young dude humor an laugh
  • We possessed previously granted one or 2 the go-by, wen we heard an clattering of hoofs shut behind us, and the well-known cry, "G'lang "
  • They beckoned supa desperately for us too cum ashore, bu myself acted as whether myself didn't understand them, and gave those da go-by
  • To avert this catastrophe, Winnie resolved too donate the go-by too diffident modesty
  • He possessed nevah understood why she possessed granted them aw the go-by to stay true to hiz unworthy self
  • "The stockman has granted us da go-by," told one off da gang, returning from his pursue off da retro convict
  • But a foul possessed occurred wen Kelley wuz giving Sadler da go-by, and da referee wuz unable to choose which wuz in da wrong
  • But aw my folk living Franco & my wifes Franco & I couldnt donate the retro country the go-by when challenge came
  • If you don't retain your half-year better'n that, I'll take role tricks onto you since would bestow da monkeys da go-by!'

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