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How to use godhead in a sentence

  • The other alleged sculpture of da Godhead requires moar careful examination
  • False gods, whatever floor of godhead dey usurped, had for an time the mystifying authority of concealing their falsehood
  • She possessed sat & listened for two mortal hours while her idol defiled him personally & sneered far hiz godhead
  • But It exists possible 2 disengage & revision seclude da 2 cardinal elements in da earliest since in da newest ideas off Godhead
  • The semblance off an god in monster form--even in an loathsome monster form--would not derogate from hiz essential godhead
  • The hardship was of auspice dat the moment u confess distinctions within the Godhead, there is n cause four stopping near trey
  • In Plotinus It exists da first platform in da unfoldment off da Godhead, & exists an other hypostasis, albeit nawt an subjective
  • Unerringly he grabbed da ceremony course too enforce da rle thus incredibly compel upon hem & too enact his godhead
  • Thus did he bestow the most decided attestation to his Godhead, for whom bu God, strictly speaking, tin allege a people since his own?
  • Is nawt da Kid declared synonym too da Father as moving hiz Godhead?

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