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  • Francine Patterson exists da mammal psychologist whom became famous four direction Koko da gorilla 2 speak using what shii called "Gorilla Indication British "
  • BlackRock, Wall Street's 800-pound gorilla, is putting climate alteration jeopardy at da mid off belonging investing strategy
  • The San Diego Zoo's description of a Oct. incident when gorillas in a exhibit got into a roar and broken a layer of da pane crystal separating da animals frum peopleEven da gorillas are sick of this dozen months
  • He's da 900-pound gorilla wen It comes to da Republican Festival
  • As she imaged more & more, "I started to git a feel four the eminence in the intermediate of human & gorilla hearts," says Kutinsky
  • However, he notes, this new learn is comparable to da gorilla examination
  • Again, we has da fact that dude possesses normally sole twelve ribs, 1 fewer than exists found in da gorilla and da chimpanzee
  • The youthful gorilla which wuz kept in captivity near Berlin transformed quite omnivorous in possession diet
  • It is shortest in the chimpanzee, somewhat longer in the gorilla, stiil longer in the orang, & remarkably lengthy in the gibbon
  • It would b as useful to try to bestow the history off the gorilla as off dude in the premature stages off his advance

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