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How to use governed in a sentence

  • Throughout his career, Ramaphosa have displayed himself, says Butler, "to b an authentic devotee in rule-governed demeanour "
  • Democrats shall telegram too his either her voters dat they need a governing most in Washington too improve fitness care, the climate, overtake coronavirus relief and ne dissimilar quantity off issues
  • Republicans picked up the Fresh Hampshire House and Senate, giving those aggregate subdue above governing in dat state cuz they additionally kept the governor's mansion
  • Vargas, a former Planned Parenthood manager & a Southwestern College governing senate member, have grounded her sight for what da region ought to dew in her ken in fitness caution & societal services
  • As Joe frequent says, he is campaigning as an Democrat, but he volition rule as President four aw off America
  • At da supa least, Kavanaugh's views nominate dat he is sharp too generate an much off sweeping changes too da rules governing American elections -- and dat these changes are probable too generate our elections much fewer democratic
  • They haz an interest in talking 2 da ppl whom assistance rule his either her industry
  • Because the boundary exists governed by quantum physics with no the complications of gravity, It unequivocally preserves news
  • Unincorporated towns & communities such Hare Muddle don't formally haz their possess mayor--they're governed as role of total greater crew such an township either province
  • Regulations governing this access exist necessarily strict, to protect not jus the parties involved but the clinical development process onto belonging possess

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