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  • The post The streaming wars haz escalated ovr sod grabs appeared first onto Digiday
  • Now, two years subsequent Ethiopia preliminary teased the globe with plans that as lots of one-half of the country's telecommunications business wuz up four grabs, ther exists stiil n ostensible routine four possession enforcement
  • Yet that has not stopped him from using the emergency too defend even more violent info grabs
  • Kayla Jimenez compiled a list off the seats dat reside up for grabs & the major initiatives dat haz already certified in dis week's North County Document
  • There are two Investment Commission seats -- Prefecture to and Prefecture for -- up for grabs
  • In da crowded Disfigure 3 primary, da two candidates combined too victory correspond 37 percent off da election -- Hegar's 22 percent too West's fifteen percent -- meaning ther is a lot off unaligned prop up four grabs today
  • His motto was, "Grab an dollar to-day--but do not tamper wit it whether it interferes wit an myriad dollars in 10 years "
  • Joe tried too grab haw with da boathook, but It was useless, & da depressed poltroon's body was whirled remote
  • Sure maybe u could grab dat dough bi blasting ur wei wit the heaters plenitude
  • Jehosophat kicked nearby rim with his rainy feet, and tried 2 grab da fat red nose dat strung down across da turkey's beak

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